We set out on a mission to make the simple task of throwing away trash, easier, and cleaner. We understand that anytime you make something more efficient in your business, and make customers happy, it's a win-win. TidyTouch allows you to do just that.

TidyTouch To The Rescue

With Tidy Touch, all you need to do is easily put it in place. You’re no longer putting your hands in the lion’s den, but pulling a piece of metal far away from those germs. You can put your logo on the front of the tab so it’s personalized for your business. It’s also easy to clean as you simply wipe the front and top instead of having to clean the entire flap of the trash can. When you do this, it’s hard and you often get messy things all over your hands and arms. It’s just another germ-fest waiting to happen. If you need to take the contraption off to clean, it easily slides on and off the top of the trash can flap.

One little change in the way you do a simple task in public places could save your life. Pushing that little flap open to throw away your food at a restaurant or throw out some trash at a store could leave you with millions of germs waiting to make you sick. The good news is that Tidy Touch is here to save you from this pain.

Why It Works

Tidy Touch is great in a restaurant setting. Hundreds of people throw away trash in the same bin. They hit the flap on the bin as their condiments, drinks and food splash out onto the flap. This happens throughout the day. It’s much easier to use Tidy Touch making everything flow right into the trash can. No germs and no mess makes everyone happy. The Tidy Touch is also perfect in any office or company setting. It’s much easier to throw things away without messing with the trash can flap all day. You simply pull a tab and don’t have to mess with the trash can. In any setting, the mess and germs are significantly cut back.

The Tidy Touch gives you the peace of mind that you aren’t taking a bath in germs every time you take something to the trash. The place looks a bit more classy while you’re walking with your head held high not worrying about germs.


The Lurking Germs

You don’t want to think about what’s actually in a trash can.

A typical garbage can that holds food and all sorts of goodies usually has over 400 bacteria per square inch. That’s a whole lot just waiting to attack your hand as it opens that trash can. These little germs can lead to illness, skin irritation and infections.